my work stems, primarily, from a relationship between myself and the events, sights and sounds of my everyday. the process of evaluating the relationship involves navigating history to identify and equate that follows is a complex mixture of mood, opinion, belief, mentality and contradiction that i attempt to translate through painting.

the life experience I have acquired tells me that exposing my vulnerabilities and insecurities, despite knowing the exposure to be a challenge beyond my comfortable state, not only assists me to accept myself, but also has the potential to enable other people to examine their being. the processes i use within my painting- scratching and distressing the surface and removing paint to reveal the work, deciphers the delicate conundrum faced by an artist- how to find common ground for intellect, imagination and suggestion to co-exist. somehow this beautifully strange equation, as ugly and painful as it can be, resonates to a wider audience and is the catalyst for some startling insights- only acknowledgeable on a deeply personal level.

i make no apologies for elements of my work and my ethic being for therapeutic reasons or purposes- i am one of ‘those’ fortunate enough to have experienced the gift of desperation.

with one eye on my limitations, i disclose and expose the nature of who i am- without justification or deprecation. the thoughtful me, the beautiful me, the obnoxious me, the ugly me, the desperate me and the rest of me, as i relate to the world around me, in the hope that the true meaning of learning can be achieved.

i am influenced by many things, people and ‘artists’. more than anything, though, i am influenced by the fact- the certainty- that at some stage i will feel at peace with myself, no matter that it won’t last long. my work illustrates, explores, translates and unpicks the utter bewilderment of my world between the peace. looking for opportunities to escape. looking for opportunities to be unvisible.


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